Your Journey Begins at Kesher
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Kesher News

Save the dates--Sundays June 9th, 16th and 23rd at 8:00pm! .We are very excited to be presenting a three-part webinar series focusing on challenges facing the "year in Israel!" Head over here for more more information. Presenters include Rabbi Dr. Abraham Twerski, Dr. David Pelcowitz and others! 

In recent weeks, Kesher students in Israel have joined alumni groups in three different cities in North America learning daily mishnayos, with the goal of complete the entire Sha"s Mishnayos with a siyum at the end of the year.

We had an amazing Shavuos together in yeshiva, with many families come to join the students for learning and meals. After learning leil Shavuos, the yeshiva walked to the Kosel for vasikin davening with Rabbi Schoen.We are looking forward to making the most out of the final stretch of the year in the coming weeks!

Be sure to "like" the Kesher Facebook page for regular updates and yeshiva information.

Announcements & Mazel Tovs

  • Mazel tov to Danny Schuster on his wedding!
  • Mazel tov to Moshe Moerman on the birth of a baby girl!
  • Mazel tov to Ari Wajsbort on the completion of Shishah Sidrei Mishnah!
  • Mazel tov to R' Huna Friedland on the engagement of his daughter!
  • Mazel tov to Eli Birnbaum on the birth of a baby boy!
  • Mazel tov to Rabbi Strajcher in birth of a baby boy!
  • Mazel tov to Shlomo Storch on the birth and brisim of twin boys!
  • Mazel tov to Shulik Gurvitch on his wedding!
  • Mazel tov to Simcha Malin on his engagement!