Frequently Asked Questions

Arriving in Israel for the first time can be an intimidating situation.
How do I pay? Where do I go? How do I say ...?

Arriving at Ben Gurion Airport does not have to be such a headache. Included below are some helpful tips to assist you in your international travel and arrival in a foreign country.


The flight to Israel is a long one. Prepare to make your travels as comfortable as possible. Heightened security regulations in air travel today also affect ease on the flight. Here is a small list of ideas to help on the plane:

  • Don't carry items on your body which may set off metal detectors (use a carry-on luggage pocket instead)
  • Comfortable shoes (easily removable, for security checkpoints)
  • Glasses (for those with contact lenses, large containers of solution may not be allowed on the plane)
  • iPod/mp3 player/headphones
  • Extra batteries


Leaving the airport may be intimidating for those new to the country. Relax! You're Jewish and at home in Israel! Israeli culture may be tough on the outside, but at the end of the day the people here are friendly and supportive (and most speak English!).

First off, it may be useful to exchange currency at the kiosk in the airport. Only exchange what you need for getting into Jerusalem as there are better exchange rates available at local private money changers.

When you exit the airport, follow "Taxis to Jerusalem" signs. There is the option of a private taxi. This will cost approximately $70 USD.

The suggested alternative is using the "Nesher" company. Nesher is located in the taxi waiting area. Nesher provides shuttle service to any destination in the city. The approximate cost is approximately $15 USD.

The address of Kesher is 9 Hama'asef Street, Jerusalem.

Generally, the drivers are familiar with our location, but to know as a landmark, Hama'asef Street is a small street located behind the Jerusalem Central Bus Station (Tachana Mercazit).


In Kesher we provide two American DSL lines in the dormitory.

The phones are open for use from 2:00pm – 4:00pm
and from 7:00pm – 1:00am (Israel Hours)
Line 1 - 718-878-6196
Line 2 - 718-285-7973

As a matter of security, all students are strongly urged to have a cellphone in Israel. Please visit AMP Cellular to view available phone plans.

For any student using email or instant messaging, there are computers available in the dormitory, which are available from 7:00pm – 1:00am (Israel Hours).

Dormitory Life:

Kesher provides breakfast, lunch and dinner.

There are coin-operationed washing machines and dryers in the building for students to do laundry.


2 kippas
2 pair of tzitzis

2 full sets of linen (American twin)
3 bath towels
3 hand towels

12 pair/socks
10 pair/underwear
10 pair/undershirts

5 pair/pants
6 t-shirts and/or button down shirts
3 sweatshirts/sweaters

2 Sets of Shabbos clothing
Dress shoes
Sneakers (appropriate for hiking)
Sandals/Water shoes Winter coat
Rain coat

Baseball hat

Bathing suit
Laundry bag
Standard toiletries (Toothbrush, soap, deodorant ...)
Electric shaver
Alarm clock
Plug adapters

Optional Items:
MP3 player/Headphones
Sleeping bag